Walking in His Ways

Walking in His ways

By Brian C. Collins

2 Chronicles 17:3-6

In my devotions today two themes were emphasized, the first how walking in the ways of the Lord God blessed the kings of Judah that chose to do so verses the tragedy that the wicked kings of Judah and Israel faced when they chose selfish or sinful ways.

The second theme was how as preachers of the gospel of Christ (the Way, the Truth, and the Life); that in order for us to be successful in spreading or telling the Truth we must be close the Holy Sprit. For it is the power of God’s Word and His Spirit that will speak to those we witness to.

It is not our works, our effort, or our words of truth that will break through the noise and distractions of sin and the world, it will be the Holy Spirit that will touch the hearts, stir the mind and weigh down the soul of the lost. Not us but Christ that lives in us.

It is really tough to live a life in this world today that is close and focused on Christ and directed by the leading of His Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, we must make the effort and seek to walk in the ways of the Lord God of Israel, the One True God.

Like the kings of Judah that Chose God’s ways, our ways will be stablished, prosperous in His ways, and blessed of God. We will have the power of the Holy Ghost and God’s Word of Truth and through us He can be glorified and the lost saved.

To see Him working we must be watching, to see souls saved we must share the gospel, and to see Him bless we must – believe.

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