Help! I’m Surrounded

Help! I’m Surrounded

By Brian C Collins

Psalm 27

So, what do we do when we as Christians find ourselves surrounded by forces, people, and a society that truly sees our faith, our Biblical values as their enemy?

If someone asked me 15 years ago whether I thought my faith here in America would be under attack, I would have said no. However, we find those who oppose Christian Biblical values today want to silence and re-educate us to their way of thinking.

For many Christians that have read the Bible know of a Pearson in the Bible which dealt with enemies often chasing, attacking, or surrounding him; if you guessed David then your right. David writes of turning to the temple and to the Lord in these treacherous times.

So, as I asked before, what do we do when we are surrounded and threatened by our enemies?

The entire chapter covers enemies attacking David and David seeking the Lord. When I came to verse four (4) I saw a formula to follow in such times. Verse 4 states, “One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and enquirer in His temple.

When surrounded we can first seek Church Family Support in verse four we see this in David’s desire to dwell in the house of the LORD. We establish a local church family that will give us, emotional, spiritual, societal support from a biblical prospective.

Secondly we need to have a Closeness to Christ. David writes in verse 4 of looking upon or beholding the beauty of the LORD. James 4:8 tells us if we draw nigh (close) to God He will draw close to us. When we seek the LORD there are many gifts or gains we get in return for our searching; a whole other lesson, but in that searching we will get closer to God and receive a confidence, a peace, and hope for our present and future situations.

Thirdly we should seek the Council of Believers. As a final point in verse 4 David continues with “To enquirer in His Temple“. Simply put, the word enquire means to ask for information. In our local church we can seek godly, biblically based, wise council. In Proverbs 11:14 it tells us there is safety among many councilors.

So while this may not be some great revelation, perhaps these ideas and this formula I found in Psalm 27:4 can help us when we feel surrounded.

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