Hold Fast

Hold Fast!

By Brian C Collins

Hebrews 10:23 

“Once you realize God’s purpose, to get you rightly related to Him and your fellow man, He will tax the last limit of the universe to help you take the right road.” (Oswald Chambers) 

My devotional today covered how as Christians all God wants is to make us pure and spotless.  So we either submit and make the choice to come clean before God and seek His face, or God will put us through the situations we need to go though to come out whiter then snow.

I have made a great effort to get closer to the Lord. Through that effort I have sailed in the right direction; but the waves of life have tossed me around a little. I know the journey ahead will be long and the sea of living for Christ will be a combination of gentle waves, boisterous winds, and plunging depths that will challenge my dedication, drain my inspiration, and strain my relationship with God.

Hold Fast!  Because although God will “tax the last limit of the universe to help us take the right road” the devil wants us to fail, wants us to get discouraged, and wants us to quit on God.  Hold Fast!  Through the difficulties and you will get stronger in the Lord.  Hold Fast! Though the fire, God will stand with you.  Hold Fast!  through the stormy seas, and the God of all creation will whisper – Peace Be Still.  

In the end we will come out cleaner, stronger, humbler, and filled with peace.  Yes, more storms will come and with each storm a new understanding of God.  And a peace that passes all understanding will be in you and with you through all your future journeys.  Hold Fast.   

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