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In Christ (Original)


My latest song written this month is Titled “In Christ” I had created the devotional phrase “Be a servant not a Caesar, always serving never seizing.”  And it sparked my creative juices and I had the song written in two days.  I took it into my home recording studio and attempted to make a recording of my vision of the song.  I just bought EZdrummer and EZBass so I fumbled my way through them and this is my second attempt recording with toontracks EZ products.  I’m playing guitar and singing all the vocal parts and the drums are built with EZdrummer 2 and the bass I just cheated and dragged the guitar track into the software and it automatically created a bass line, you’ll hear some mistakes in the bass guitar and the drums.  However, this is my 2nd time using those products in a recording and it was enough to share my vision of the arrangement with my praise band.  I am currently the Music Minister at Alamo Heights Baptist Church in Midland, TX  

In Christ

Psalm 56:10&11 (Original)

My 2nd Latest Song is Psalm 56:10&11 putt to music with some changes for the lyrics but mostly word for word from the King James Version of the Bible.  This was my first expermint with toonktraks EZDrummer and EZBass.  I’m also playing Both guitar parts and singing all vocals.  I record in PreSonus’ Studio One Professional latest version.

Psalm 56:10&11

First Generation (Original)

This is a song I wrote while in Bible College in the early 2000’s, a sermon by my pastor at the time Eddie Egbert, he preached a message I believe was titled Three chairs.  He preached about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Believer’s.  I even used some of the alliterations he had in his sermon. Compromise, Confusion, Conviction.  Oh, the joys of the songwriting craft.  The last phrase “I want to walk in the footsteps of my Dad.”  is a reference to what Bro. Egbert had said in his message — “Sorry Dad, if your reading this, no offense meant your footsteps were obviously good enough for me, Luv ya.”

-I recorded, mixed, mastered this arrangement.

-The Guitar, all vocals, and bass guitar were performed by myself.

-The Violin performed by a guest female musician by the name of Megan.

-The Mandolin played by a guest musician by the name of Josh Woods

(I do not remember the female guest last name, sorry.)

A few of my past home recordings songs they are not a finished production but will give you an idea of my musical talent and writing ability. I’m playing all instruments the violin is just me on a keyboard to be clear each song marked (Original) Are songs I have written. No one has permission to use these songs.

The Hymn “The Love of God”

At The Table (Original)

It’s A Miracle (Original)

His Name Is Jesus (Original)

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