Take Out The Trash, Now! Ok

Take Out The Trash, Now!

By Brian C Collins

 John 13:13

“To have a master and to be mastered is not the same thing.” (Oswald Chambers)

In my devotions today I learned the difference between what we normally think of as a master and slave or servant relationship and what the Scripture shows us about the Biblical relationship of a servant and their master.

With the history of slavery in the world: Europe, America, and the worst case Egypt enslaving Israel.  The title master has a very bad connotation.

The Biblical picture of master and servant as pointed out in my devotions today is of a Father and son relationship.  Those of us who had a mother and father figure in our lives may be able to relate to this comparison. 

I myself can easily remember my father being my master growing up.  Some families may have been different, but in our household you did not ask father for money.  Why?  Not because he would never give you any but because he probably did not have any to spare.

More then that he most likely would tell me, you don’t need any money and if you do boy, get a job.  I was made to do chores and told that a home to live in, food to eat, and clothes on my back was my payment for doing the chores.  This to me at the time felt like slavery, some kids I knew got allowances, or just asked mom and dad for money — and got it!

I love my parents, making me help around the house, and allowing me to mow grass in the neighborhood to make money, using dad’s mower, by the way; taught me so many lessons.

Chores around the house taught me responsibility, good work ethics, and how to take care of myself out on my own.  Mowing grass for money they taught me how to budget and tithe with my income.  They were teaching me how to be a grownup.

Yes, having me mow our grass and my sister and I cook supper and do laundry did help them out because they worked hard supporting us; however, it wasn’t slavery but it was a master and servant relationship.  We loved our parents they loved us, we all helped out the family by doing our part. The kids obeying and serving, the parents loving and supporting.  A true and Biblical master and servant relationship.

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