Put on the Cloak of Humility

Brian C Collins

Put on the clock of humility I Pet 5:5

I can look back and remember times when I had given into my anger and caused a big mess, and making things worse then they would have been if I hadn’t decided to get angry in the first place.

I can remember that feeling of frustration and anger when my authority was being challenged. The anger starting to rise up in me, and I can remember the times I allowed it to cover me and control my decisions.

I was praying and asking the Lord one day for a way in the future I could recognize the anger and make better choices.

The Holy Spirit brought to mind I Peter 5:5

and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

I realized after reading that verse that anger and humility have a common requirement before they can be used. We have to choose to put them on and let them cover and control or decisions.

When the anger starts to rise up, I can either slip into it and let loose the dogs of war, or I can choose the cloak of humility.

You see if we put on humility we see others and ourselves through God’s eyes and see our true reflection and faults; we can see how awful we are and how God and others are truly more important then we are.

We will see that in most situations we have no right to be angry and through it all, we could have contributed to our very situation and could be partly blamed for the others reactions.

So let’s not wrap ourselves in that tattered old cold rag of anger but let us choose, let us put on that warm cloak of humility and not be controlled by our pride and consumed by our anger.

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