His Eye Is One The Gosling

His Eye Is On The Gosling

By Brian C Collins

1 Peter 2:2

I drive by the same small pond every day.  This spring when all the birds were returning from migration I witnessed a pair of geese land near the pond.  Eventually, after a day or two, I realized they were making that their home for a while.  I soon learned why, when a couple of young furry little goslings were waddling around mom and dad.

I remember thinking, man!  They weren’t there that long and they already have young goslings.

Driving by for one week and then another and another I had the opportunity to see the young goslings grow up.  Again I was surprised how fast those little ones grew from small furry creatures to large sleek beautiful Canadian geese in no time.  

I started wondering how those family of geese could be used as a teachable example.  The only thing I could think of is how we as Christians just waddle around trying to do what we think are very important things, and hoping to make some kind of big difference.  All the while God is going by watching us as we grow up.

Granted everyone’s life is different growing up as children, but I’m referring to our growth as Christians not children.  Think of mom and dad geese as our church, pastor, and the bread of life.  Growing does take time and to us running around this pond of life it seems to take forever,

Remember God exists outside of time.  To him, watching us grow and serve seams really fast.  Once saved it may be fascinating to God how fast we are growing to be like Him.  Or He may be disappointed that we are not growing at all.

Let us surprise God the next time he looks down at our little pond and show Him how much we can grow.

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