Worship All Three, Equally.

Worship All Three, Equally. 

By Brian C. Collins

I spent the bulk of my devotions in prayer and in the entire chapter of Psalm 25, My devotional booklet was more of an afterthought this morning.  The basic idea in the booklet’s lesson for today was that until we get all the “noisy questions” on our minds out of the way we cannot get close to God.

I understand this because when I am praying so much comes to mind it’s hard to stay focused and sometimes my mind wonders off and stops praying and thinking about needless stuff.

It is very hard to drop all the extra things on our minds and truly get alone with God.  Today I prayed a little differently then I usually do.  Usually I just start praying and simply address the Lord, The Lord in general, not specifically like the Lord Jesus, or Father God.  I don’t ever remember addressing the Holy Spirit directly.

So today I felt convicted that I never speak to the Holy Spirit of the Trinity.  They are Three in One; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost/Spirit.  So using David’s words in Psalms 25 Is read, prayed, meditated the entire chapter specifically addressing each of the Trinity giving equal respect, love, and time to all three.

I’m not sure how theologically correct it was to do so, sense technically God the Father can only here us through His Son Jesus Christ.  However, I still felt obligated to respect and acknowledge all three this morning.  I wanted to especially pay attention, respect, and love to the Holy Spirit today, because it is the Holy Ghost part of the Trinity that stays in me even when I sin and quench Him, He never leaves me nor forsakes me in all my transgressions.  So today I felt horrible for not giving Him his deserved respect. 

It is the Holy Ghost who speaks to us with the still small voice, the One Who impresses on our hearts to do or not do something, the One Who brings scripture to our minds when we need His Word for getting inspiration, resisting temptation, giving thanks and praise.

The Holy Spirit is the main reason why we can communicate with our Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus is the main reason we have the Holy Spirit and why God the Father will hear our cries.

Each are equally important, and each the key to the others presence.  Jesus Paid it all and made our relationship with God the Father possible again, and without all three we would have never been created.  So I was moved today to honor each, praise each, love each, and thank each person of the Trinity today.  I hope that it pleased God, it was not much but I believe it was needed.

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