Reaching A Spiritual Plateau

Reaching a Spiritual Plateau 

by Brian C. Collins

 Job 42:10

“If you sense you’re not getting inspiration from God’s word, do what Job did, pray for your friends.  When he did, that was when God turned things around for the better for Job.” (Oswald Chambers)

I got pretty excited yesterday, I really felt the Lord had opened my eyes a little more to His Word and His presence.   This morning I admit there is not as much inspiration as the day before; my devotions today ended up covering inspiration. 

I’m not looking for new revelations, all we need to know is in God’s Word. I am however looking for new inspiration.  I have gone to great measures to remove as much influence of the world out of my home as possible to solely focus on my relationship with Christ.

And while I can admit to a tremendous improvement in my spiritual life; I can also see that it doesn’t take much for my sinful nature to rear it’s ugly head up, and throw a wrench in the spiritual workings of my life.

I also have had to face the fact that even when you devote all your free time with the Lord, that you will still fall short of getting where you need to be.  Being a monk will not improve anyone’s spiritual life.  Separation from the world in lifestyle will help but seclusion will only go so far.  Special time with God is a must in our Christian life but we can only grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ if we use what we learn amongst our fellow man.

Tell others about the Christ we seek so earnestly.  Learn first hand how to get through difficulty.  Getting close to God requires us to understand His Word, and our understanding or wisdom comes only through applying the Word of God to our daily lives and human interaction.  

Inspiration will slam into you like a freight train at full speed when you least expect it.  When one has combined dedication, application, and separation in the right balance.  All we can do is Humble ourselves before God, seek His Face and do our most to apply His Word to our lives.

Only He can bring us closer to His embrace, only He can send inspiration, and only our Lord Jesus Christ can make all things new.    

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